SharePoint Development

SharePoint is all about sharing – ‘collaborating’. Sharing information, data, content, knowledge, expertise – sharing anything which allows organisations to work better, faster and more productively. Whether your organisation needs to share internally via an intranet or externally via an extranet or website, SharePoint can deliver. SharePoint provides a massive functionality out of the box. It has extensible features to enable custom development to take place, either using the SharePoint platform as a ready-built application or developing new web parts or extending existing functionality.

Designing a SharePoint Interface

Whilst there are certain constraints it is possible to implement a highly customised interface for SharePoint. The interface needs to be appropriate for your audience and can make or break the success of your application.
Sometimes our clients simply want to keep the same general layout but change colour schemes, logos etc which is relatively easy to achieve. On other occasions we have implemented radically different interfaces which has involved not only coming up with the concept design but also developing new controls and overriding the many default style sheets. We can work with you to deliver innovative yet practical interfaces for your application.

Applications, Web Parts, Templates and Workflows

Developing applications based on the SharePoint platform is something we have done for current customers with great success. If a full application is not required, customers will often require bespoke web parts and templates.
Custom workflows provide a powerful way to automate and manage your business processes, this is an area within SharePoint that requires creation by a developer. Using the SharePoint platform, we are able to design and deploy automated workflow solutions that will enable users to complete complex processes in a web based environment.

We will work hand-in-hand with you to scope out the solution which will meet the needs of your users and organisation.

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